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Useful links to posts about AI

A list of links to posts about artificial intelligence that I found interesting and that you may also find interesting.

ChatGPT: The 9 Crucial Components Of An Effective Prompt 2023-09-18 english
A New AI Research from KAIST Introduces FLASK: A Fine-Grained Evaluation Framework for Language Models Based on Skill Sets 2023-07-23 english
Llama 2 vs GPT-4 vs Claude-2 2023-07-19 english
Data Extraction Made Easy with 3 Open Source NLP Tools 2023-07-16 english
Google Bard Expansion: New Features, New Languages, New Countries 2023-07-13 english
Clippy is back as a ChatGPT-powered AI assistant for Windows 11 2023-07-01 english
100 Ways to Make Money with ChatGPT (with prompts) 2023-06-23 english
Creating an artificial intelligence 101 2023-06-20 english
Introducing Voicebox: The first generative AI model for speech to generalize across tasks with state-of-the-art performance 2023-06-16 english
OpenAI intros new generative text features while reducing pricing 2023-06-13 english
Microsoft AI Introduces Orca: A 13-Billion Parameter Model that Learns to Imitate the Reasoning Process of LFMs 2023-06-13 english
How to make a QR code with Stable Diffusion 2023-06-11 english
How to Turn on Google AI Generative Search 2023-06-09 english
Google Bard With Implicit Code Execution & Export Tables To Sheets 2023-06-08 english
Measuring the Productivity Impact of Generative AI 2023-06-06 english
Bing CEO: Google Bard Uses A Much Smaller Model Than Bing Chat 2023-05-31 english
Realistic princess - how to use Stable Diffusion art 2023-05-30 english
ChatGPT: The artificial intelligence model behind the conversational chatbot revolution 2023-05-27 czech
Seven new no-cost generative AI training courses to advance your cloud career 2023-05-19 english
How to turn on Google Bard in the Czech Republic 2023-05-15 czech

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