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Autoptimize is a WordPress plugin that increases website speed by optimizing JS, CSS, images (including lazy-load), HTML and Google Fonts, asynchronous JS loading, emoji removal and more.
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Autoptimize is an effective tool for optimizing the performance of WordPress websites. This plugin focuses on improving page loading speed by aggregating, minifying and caching scripts and styles. It embeds CSS in the page header by default, but also offers the option to inline critical CSS and defer aggregated full CSS. Scripts can be moved and placed in the footer and HTML can be minimized.

Autoptimize supports image optimization and lazy-loading, including support for WebP and AVIF formats, Google Fonts optimization, asynchronous loading of unaggregated JavaScript, removal of unnecessary emoji from WordPress core, and more. The plugin can improve page performance even on HTTP/2. Thanks to the extensive API, Autoptimize can be customized to the specific needs of each site.

Autoptimize is compatible with many free site caching plugins, such as Speed ​​Booster Pack or KeyCDN’s Cache Enabler, and also offers a premium version of Autoptimize Pro. This version includes image optimization, CDN, page caching, automatic rules for critical CSS, and other features to make pages load even faster.

Autoptimize is ideal for developers, experienced marketers, and anyone familiar with installing and managing WordPress. Its main goal is to simplify the optimization process and increase website performance, leading to a better user experience and potentially better search engine rankings.

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