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Wordfence is a WordPress security plugin that provides free enterprise-class protection, protecting your website from hackers and malware.
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Wordfence is the global leader in WordPress security, providing advanced protection for over 4 million WordPress sites. This plugin offers a comprehensive security solution, including a web application firewall, malware scanner and protection against brute-force attacks.

Wordfence offers basic attack blocking tools for free, including a 30-day firewall rule delay and a basic set of signatures for malware detection. The premium version provides real-time firewall rule updates, an extensive commercial signature suite for the best malware detection, a constantly updated block list of known threat IP addresses, country blocking, premium support and more.

Wordfence Care includes the benefits of the Premium version with unlimited manual incident response and support. For mission-critical websites, Wordfence Response offers 24/7/365 incident response with a one-hour response time and 24-hour resolution time.

Wordfence features centralized management of all your sites through Wordfence Central, a free tool for all Wordfence users, including those with the free version. It allows an instant overview of the security status of all your WordPress sites, configuring Wordfence on several or thousands of sites using templates, running scans, managing licenses and viewing security events from a central dashboard.

With Wordfence, you can rest assured that your website is protected from constant threats and attacks that appear every 19 minutes on average. Wordfence not only protects your website from hackers, but also provides rich advice and excellent technical support when needed.

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