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Creating custom websites and applications using the CMS Wordpress

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Professional development of web solutions in the Wordpress content management system. I will adapt the design and functionality to your requirements. Quality, speed and security in one package.

Pavel Zaněk

Welcome to a world where your business gets digital wings! I specialize in creating websites in the world's most popular and flexible content management system - WordPress. This service is the perfect solution for businesses of all sizes looking for an effective, attractive and customizable online presentation.

What you get

  • Customisable design: Your website will be designed with your brand and goals in mind. I offer a unique design that will set you apart from the competition./li>
  • Responsive layout: Your site will work perfectly on all devices, whether they are computers, tablets or smartphones.
  • Emphasis on SEO: I optimize your site for search engines so that your potential customers can find you easily.
  • Easy maintenance and updates: Thanks to WordPress, you can easily manage the content of your site without the need for technical knowledge.
  • Comprehensive support: I offer ongoing support and advice to help you get the most out of your website.

Why choose this service?

  • Experience: I have several years of experience in web development and digital marketing.
  • Transparent prices: No hidden fees, clear and upfront pricing.
  • Customer approach: I put your needs and satisfaction first.
  • Fast delivery: I realize the importance of time in business, which is why I meet deadlines.

Contact me today to start writing your digital story with a professional WordPress website!

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The range for most projects is between 20000 - 100000 CZK.

The price is estimated based on the competitiveness of the size and type of site.

Haven't found the service you need? Contact me!

If you are looking for a solution for a specific requirement, need advice or are struggling with any other issue in the area of Wordpress content management system, I am here for you. Whatever your requirement is, just give me a detailed description of your problem. Together we will then schedule an initial consultation to discuss possible strategies and solutions tailored to your needs.

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