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Articles about the Laravel framework

Check out the posts on the topic of the Laravel framework that I regularly prepare for you.

How to create RSS feed in Laravel framework

Published at 2023-08-10 by Pavel Zaněk

Estimated Reading Time: 10 minutes


Guide to creating RSS feed in Laravel framework without external packages. From basic principles to advanced techniques. Ideal for developers looking for an efficient and secure solution.

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New Laravel application - Homestead, Win10

Published at 2021-12-05 by Pavel Zaněk

Estimated Reading Time: 4 minutes


Detailed instructions for installing and configuring a new Laravel application in a local Windows 10 environment, including setting up Homestead, the hosts file and using the Laravel installer.

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Easy Laravel application localization

Published at 2021-11-20 by Pavel Zaněk

Estimated Reading Time: 6 minutes


Guide to localizing a Laravel application, including setting up language translations and modifying routes and middleware to support multilingual content. Focuses on string translations in an application template, with examples for Jetstream and Livewire.

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