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Tools usable with the Laravel framework

Overview of tools that can be used with the Laravel MVC framework. Save time and increase your productivity.

Laravel Horizon Preview Laravel Horizon Real-time monitoring of job queues. An effective solution for managing and controlling your Laravel jobs.
Laravel Jetstream Preview Laravel Jetstream A comprehensive application framework for rapid development. It includes authentication, team management and other features.
Laravel Livewire Preview Laravel Livewire Dynamic web applications without the need to write JavaScript. Easily develop modern, interactive user interfaces.
Laravel Pint Preview Laravel Pint An opinionated PHP code style fixer for Laravel applications. Ensure clean and consistent code effortlessly.
Laravel Sail Preview Laravel Sail Easily deploy and develop Laravel applications using Docker. It provides a simple interface to manage your development environment.
Laravel Sanctum Preview Laravel Sanctum Secure authentication of APIs and web applications. It provides a simple and secure solution for user authentication.
Laravel Telescope Preview Laravel Telescope An elegant tool for debugging and monitoring your Laravel applications. Provides a detailed view of all requests and events.
Pest PHP Preview Pest PHP An elegant and minimalist framework for testing in PHP. Simplifies writing and reading tests for your applications.
Sentry Preview Sentry Effective error and application performance monitoring. Rapid identification, tracking and resolution of problems in real time.
Spatie Preview Spatie Quality packages for Laravel and PHP. It provides a wide range of tools for developing web applications.

Found a bug or want to add a new tool that can be used with the Laravel framework?

Have you come face-to-face with amazing innovations in the Laravel framework or immersed yourself in a fascinating project of your own? Feel free to trust me with the story behind it - there's a good chance I'll include it in an exclusive list of tools usable with the Laravel framework! And what if you discovered a bug? Don't let it go and let me know - I'll do my best to fix it!

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