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Google changes visibility of HowTo and FAQ results

Google has introduced new changes to the visibility of two forms of rich results, namely HowTo and FAQ. These changes may have a significant impact on publishers and webmasters who have relied on these rich results to gain higher visibility in search.

Published at 2023-08-09 by Pavel Zaněk

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Google changes visibility of HowTo and FAQ results

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What are Google's Rich Results?

Google's Rich Results, also known as Rich Results, are a special way of displaying website content in search results. They can include carousels with larger images, such as recipes, or they can be displayed with stars for ratings.

Why is Google changing the visibility of HowTo and FAQ?

The main reason Google is making these changes is to provide users with a "cleaner and more consistent search experience." Google is now limiting the display of FAQ rich results only to government and health websites with high authority. So, the FAQ will only be displayed on authoritative websites (government websites and healthcare websites). And HowTo will only be visible on desktop.

Google - HowTo and FAQ results

What are the implications for publishers?

Many publishers have invested time and resources in adding FAQ content and the relevant structured data. This news may be seen as a disappointment for those who hoped for better visibility through these rich results.

Should you remove FAQ & HowTo structured data?

Even though Google ignores this structured data for the purposes of rich results, other search engines might use it. If it's difficult for you to remove it, it's not necessary. However, if you use a plugin or another feature, removal should be easy.

What's next for webmasters?

It's important to monitor how these changes manifest in your search results and adjust your SEO strategy accordingly. While some rich results may be less visible, there are still other opportunities to increase the visibility of your content in search.

Source: Search Engine Journal, Google Search Central

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